First Day of Pub Demo

Yesterday was the first day of demo work in the Pub space! First, the wood slats that once held retail shelving are removed. This will make the next step of removing the walls splitting the three spaces easier. Ceiling tiles are also getting removed, so we can see what need to dealt with up above.

Pub Keys Pickup!

It’s been many months of work to get to this point. First, there was lining up the money, when offers were non-existent. Then, looking for a location in a market with very little available. After that, even more time negotiating the lease.

Finally, today we have the keys to our future Arcade Pub location!

Next, things start to get real interesting.

Say Hello to Kualo!

Siteground chose to run its support via robot, so we’re out. They ALSO chose to keep our money for the prepaid VPS service.

We do not recommend them for ANYTHING. Hoping the BBB complaint will at least get our $200+ back.

Kualo seems to be an excellent host so far. Let’s see how long they last! (Our average host account is 3 years before they start to suck.)