Update Feb 2019

Well, folks, here it is, February 2019 and we have nothing done. NADA. Sigh.

There are several reasons for this, but mostly, it was an ineffective General Contractor that was fired last week. We are currently working to get a new GC lined up and started. This will likely cost us an extra $7k for new plans that comply with what Gwinnett county wants.

As it is, we might be able to get this done by April. IF we can get the stars to align and the money holds out. Speaking of money, I’m taking a job in a kitchen to make some.

The delays have cost us dearly, but all we can do is continue to push forward. We’re past the point of no return, we’ve no choice. The opening will not be as grand as we’d liked, but we’re doing the best we can with no resources. Having people we trust burn through our money really sucks.

We appreciate all the support you guys have shown us and continue to show us. The gofundme has gotten us a kegerator and bar reach-in. Thank you!

We could use an investor if anyone feels like loaning us a few grand (like $10-20k). We are looking for a LOAN, straight up, not free money. We had someone offer us a loan then bail, so we’re back to where we were: iffy to get open. So if you or someone you know might be interested in LOANING us some startup funds, HOLLAH. We’re talking legal loan, not just handing over money with no guarantees.

Thanks to all of you who’ve got our backs! WE SEE YOU!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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