New Photo Galleries!

In his convalescence**, Nick has been updating this site with tons of photos of our work, events we’ve done and lots of cool things! Check out the Galleries!

The build out is still trundling along, albeit slowly. We’ve gotten some rough-in work done, but are still waiting to get the plans passed by Gwinnett. The architect and engineers keep missing things and/or doing things incorrectly. Every time we have to re-submit, it costs us 2 weeks. We are currently on the third submission (which got rejected), so do the math.

We will be making an announcement in the next two weeks about our situation and what we are going to do about it.

We know this place will be amazing when we get it open. We’ve got a great management team working and we’ll KILL IT when we get the doors open. We think you guys will really love it!

So, please keep an eye here or any of our other accounts for news!

We appreciate all of you! [Angela]

**Nick fell off a ladder and lacerated his fingers on his left hand and sprained his right ankle on May 2. The fingers got 37 stitches and the ring finger has a severed tendon to the top knuckle, which we can’t afford to fix in both money and down time. Please see the FB page for info and updates about that.

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