Player One Arcade Services was founded in 2015. My Parents Basement in Avondale Estates commissioned us to make them a Nintendo cabinet and our business was born. We have refurbed, built, rented and sold games in the Atlanta area since then. We do the Vintage Arcade at Momocon each year. 

At the end of 2017, Nick’s job of 20+ years ended, and we knew we’d have to find something to do that would keep a roof over our heads and not involve working retail or in a cubicle. We tossed all our skills together and came up with Player One Arcade Pub. 

Since we already had games and I’d been doing the books for a local restaurant for 18 years as well as being a very good cook, our path seemed clear: provide Atlanta with something we don’t have! A vintage arcade pub! We are stepping outside the typical template of “barcade” by having a full kitchen as well as games and drinks. Our goal is to make Player One a great place to hang out if you’re a game nerd or not! We have lots of long term plans that include art, anime, trivia, cosplay and theme nights. 

Player One Arcade Pub is your premier provider of great food, awesome games and great beer! Projected opening Spring 2019!

7130 Buford Highway
Ste A-140
Doraville GA 30340