Opening Menu

We will have a very small opening menu, to allow us to control our food costs and get our kitchen organized. Here is a gallery of some tests I’ve done over the last year!

The current menu consists of:
various bar snacks such as shrimp chips, nuts, Asian snacks and other small things
salad w/ homemade dressings
ground beef slider
ground chicken slider
ground lamb slider
Impossible™ slider
Twice Cooked BBQ pork slider
Asian Sloppy Joe slider
Zapps chips
potato salad or perhaps mac n cheese

Of course this may change 100x before we open. But don’t worry, there are SO MANY good things in channel for you! Once we’re up and running, you can look forward to Taco Tuesdays, Wing Wednesdays and Throwback Thursdays as well as Burger of the Week! I’ve been working for a year on this menu and it will start wee but be VAST! I can’t wait for you to taste it! [Angela]